Josefine Winding | New Works

Arden Asbæk Gallery is happy to present a collection of new works by sculptor Josefine Winding. The works will be on display at the gallery in week 36. Following the presentation at Arden Asbæk Gallery, a selected number of sculptures will be on show at GUBI’s showroom in Nordhavn as part of 3daysofdesign.

Josefine Winding is a Danish sculptor, who has attended Kunstskolen Spektrum. Winding creates three-dimensional and non-figurative works meant to be seen from all angles. The works, which are both geometrical and organic, can be anywhere between fifteen and two-hundred centimeters tall, and their tactility is due to the grainy putty applied by hand on their surface. Josefine Winding has exhibited numerous times and was in 2019 nominated as Arts and Craftsman of the Year at Design Awards.