Join us on Kulturnatten 2021

In connection with our current exhibition, Mind Your Absence, we are proud to present a performance by video and performance artist Ditte Johanne Krogh Bertelsen, who currently is exhibiting alongside Sam Andrea and Vilmer Engelbrecht Schultz at Arden Asbæk Gallery. In her performance at Kulturnatten 2021, Bertelsen will gradually transform and shape her body into a tableau in the exhibition, using playdough. This playful choice of material explores both the body and the physical space together with the audience, who is invited to come closer.
The performance starts at 20:30 and lasts for approximately an hour, but you can stay for however long you like – whether that is 5 or 50 minutes. It is free to visit the exhibition and performance, but please note that due to the size of the project space, waiting time may occur.